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Story Share


Contest Development, Branding, Web Site, Social Media


Lead Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Content Development, Social Media Strategy and Contest Logistics. Encourage teen and adult beginning readers (13-26 year olds reading at a Pre-K to a 4th grade reading level) to develop a love of reading. Named, branded and executed The Story Share $50K Writing Contest, web site and social media effort, all at the national level though it attracted attention around the world. Ensure a seamless branded experience from the contest to a reading and writing platform where stories were housed and accessible. Designed and developed Hoku (the free reading/writing platform) Zero advertising or media. Created reciprocity with nearly 100 Facebook groups focused on adult literacy, autism, learning disabilities, special education and university writing and English departments.
Executed a series of e-mail blasts the foundation sent to national organizational partners.


Original goal was to generate 100 story submissions to place in a free, online library. We received 560. Home page clicks: 11K+, Unique visitors: 6.5K+. Facebook likes: 1,400. Almost overnight Hoku became the best in class reading and writing platform. It also hosted the largest online collection of stories for teen and adult beginning readers. With Hoku, those readers finally had a modern, well-designed and "cool" platform to access stories thereby shedding some of the stigma around their learning disability.