Brand Video


Securifi is an unknown overseas B2B consumer technology company with an unknown line of Wi-Fi routers pivoting to becoming a B2C company in America. With a shoestring budget they asked me to help them break into the U.S. market with a brand video to accompany their sales page on in an effort to boost sales 15%. The video needed to cover the technical capabilities their routers have in a way their audience, the technologically challenged over 40 market could digest. It also needed to be fun, engaging and deliver on the new brand voice I developed. Most consumer tech brand videos are boring and uninspired. This was an opportunity to create something entertaining, memorable and inspire the target to set up their own Wi-Fi mesh network and introduce them to smart home automation.


The video just launched so it’s too early to determine metrics. From a creative standpoint, the video stands out head and shoulders over the competition in its category. It covers a lot of information and empowers the audience, not intimidating them.