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Securifi is an unknown overseas B2B consumer technology company with an unknown line of Wi-Fi routers pivoting to becoming a B2C company in America. With a shoestring budget they asked me to help them break into the U.S. market with a brand video to accompany their sales page on in an effort to boost sales 15%. The video needed to cover the technical capabilities their routers have in a way their audience, the technologically challenged over 40 market could digest. It also needed to be fun, engaging and deliver on the new brand voice I developed. Most consumer tech brand videos are boring and uninspired. This was an opportunity to create something entertaining, memorable and inspire the target to set up their own Wi-Fi mesh network and introduce them to smart home automation.


The web site tells the Securifi story from the perspective of the not so tech savvy consumer. It immediately puts them at ease and distills the technology into a story the audience can understand and feel empowered to transform their house into a Wi-Fi connected home.